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Woodshedding Your Art

Woodshed Arts exists to support the creation of new artistic works.

All of our classes and services are available to anyone in the community.  Artists who would like to make The Woodshed a creative home can become members to gain access to the space and special rates on classes.


Become a member here

Ways to Woodshed


Classes and Workshops

Come join us for a course and find out what Woodshed Arts is all about! Our courses cultivate creativity in different ways, from group musical-making to voice lessons to sound design and more. Current offerings are here.

Prices vary, members get 10% off most


Theater Equipment Rental

From LEDs and lapel mics to theater props and costumes, Woodshed Arts is a great source for all things theatrical.

Check out some of our gear here.


Members get 20% off all rentals.


Rehearsal Space

Rent out the whole shed for band practice, improv rehearsal, or to workshop your new show.

$35/hr; $150 for 4-hr block
(full tech assistance an additional $25/hr)

Members get 2 free hours each month


Recording Studio

Work with one of our engineers to record your band in our great live space. Fill mic equipment and upright piano available.

$60/hr; $500/day

Members get 10% off


Recital Hall

Hold your students' instrumental or vocal recitals in the space. A Woodshed Arts rep will be there to help tech your show.


Members get 50% off


Gardening Club

Come and work the garden! After a training, volunteers may come work any time and receive service learning hours for their time.

Woodshed Arts changed my life


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