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Woodshed Arts

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Cultivate Creativity


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the brand new Woodshed Musical!
on stage June 9, 6pm
at Woods Charter School
tickets are $5 at the door
see it before it goes to Wales!

Coming up at the Woodshed
Laura Gibson in concert
June 23, 7:30p 


Songwriting with Dawn

Do you have a poem or narrative that might make a good song? Maybe just one line that you always thought could be a great lyric? This class is designed to help shape your writing into song form. We’ll discuss song structures and techniques used by some of the greatest songwriters and apply them to your song. While we will use a few writing prompts, you will mostly focus on one piece that you’d like to mold into a song. No musical experience necessary! This workshop led by award winning songwriter Dawn Landes

Who: ages 12-99; all skill levels encouraged. We'll have a chance to share but no performing required!

When:  Sunday, July 7, 2-5p

What to bring: journal/notebook or computer, water bottle, pen (instruments welcome but not necessary)

Cost: $50

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 9.56.11 PM.png

Musical Madness

Collaborate with other ensemble members to create and perform a brand new musical with facilitator Creighton Irons, then work with the Tech Team to create an amazing final production. 

Who: 8th-12th graders

When (approximate dates)

session I: Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:50pm, September 13-December 13. Sharing in December.

session II: January 10-March 25 (Wednesdays, then Sundays near showtime)


Theater Tech

Learn all about theater lights, mics & sound, props & scenery, and more with the inimitable Eric Jacobs. Participants will utilize their skills to design and tech the As You Like It performance.

(concurrent with Musical Madness--sign up above)

Music Equipment

Learn the fundamentals of digital music engineering from industry professionals 

Who: ages 12 and up (no limit!)

When:  TBD

Interested in this course? Please tell us in the chat (below right) and we will work to schedule with you in mind!

Studio Engineering

woodshed  (wo͝odˌSHed)


  1. a shed where wood for fuel is stored


  1. practice a musical instrument or art form

    "I sat in my bedroom for a month and just woodshedded"

Up Next at the Woodshed

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