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About Us


At Woodshed Arts, we create and help other people create. We exist to support and celebrate new artistic works and the artists who birth them. We offer classes, studio time, and full tech (professional lighting, sound, and recording capabilities) in a positive workshop environment. We aim to serve artists of all ages, stripes, and abilities in Chatham county, the Triangle area, and the larger community.


The performing arts offer us a way to reckon with
life's big questions while celebrating our connections

to each other and appreciating the present moment.

Homegrown music, theater, and dance are powerful

community adhesives and fundamentally important to

the health of our society.


The Woodshed is a 1600 sq ft work shed that has been reimagined into a multi-purpose theatrical studio. Located off of Jack Bennett road on Sam & Lizy's land, we hope the Woodshed can serve as a base for classes & creation.


Read our origin story here...


You, hopefully! And also...

the creative team from ARDEN, a musical created at Woodshed Arts

Creighton Irons
Artistic Director

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 10.49_edited.j

Eric Jacobs
Technical Director

We strive to build community in Chatham County through the process of creating original art. Our goal is to empower people of all ages and experience levels to make the music, theater, dance, and other arts that they want to share with the world.

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