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Become a Member

Woodshed Arts members form the inner circle of our creative community. Fellow Woodshedders are people who help one another hone ideas, create shows, make music, and grow creatively.


What is Required of Members?

No requirements, just an open invitation to collaborate. We hope you'll add your contact to our member list so other Woodshedders can connect with you, but even that is not required.

Why Should I Become a Member?

If you are looking for a creative home, this is your place. Classes and rentals are open to everyone, but members get 2-hr blocks in the space and discounts on most WA classes (see details here).


I Don't Want to Create Art... But I Want to Help!

You want to be a patron! Hooray, we need you! We strive to keep membership fees affordable, so we rely on donations to help us cover our expenses, including maintenance costs (building upkeep, heat & air, paint, etc), materials (sets & props, curtains, lighting grids), participant scholarships, insurance, staff salaries, and more. Donate here

* We are applying for non-profit status; we hope to have the government's stamp for tax-deductible giving by Thanksgiving.

Annual Membership is $50;

if you'd like to donate in addition to the standard membership, please enter the new total in "Custom Amount" (e.g. if you want to donate an additional $100, enter $150 in Custom Amount)


Annual Membership

Membership details still in progress! Thanks for your patience

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